OBC7xx: On-Board Chargers for 400V & 800V HV-Batteries

Technical specifications

Single-phase input voltage range 85…288 V
Three-phase input voltage 300…500 V
Max. input current per phase up to 32/80 A
Input frequency 45…65 Hz
Continuous power up to 19.2 / 22 kW
Max. output current up to 36 / 72 A
Max. efficiency up to 95 / 96 %
IP Protection IP6K9KD, IP6K7D
Device control CAN 2.0
Cooling system Water cooling
Weight (without coolant) from 16 to 17.4 kg


After successfully bringing the first series-produced 22 kW On-Board Charger into the market, BRUSA continues to address the needs from its customers in the best possible way by offering OBC7, the next generation of all-in-one charging solution.

The galvanically isolated device focuses on increased environmental capabilities and operation lifetime to address a wide spectrum of applications: cars, light-, medium- or heavy-duty trucks, the OBC7 reaches a unique versatility. Also, the device scope isn’t restricted to AC charging: in fact, the integrated PLC controller enables support of DC charging control using CCS1 or CSS2 inlets. The vehicle DC contactors can also be driven directly by the device, providing in addition to vehicle inlet management features the best all-rounder solution available on the market.


  • Parametrizable digital input
  • Vehicle wakeup by OBC via digital line
  • DC Link pre-charge (from 0V to HV-Battery voltage)
  • Inlet management: inlet & flap locking, thermal sensor(s) reading & derating, LED(s) driving
  • PLC based DC fast charging communications for CCS1 and CCS2
  • Driving of external Normal Close (NC) DC vehicle contactors
  • Functional Safety functions acc. ISO-26262
  • Cybersecurity acc. ISO-21434