BSC7xx: HV to LV DC/DC converter for 400V & 800V HV-Batteries

Technical specifications

HV voltage range 190…480 V or 350…890 V
LV nominal voltage 14.0 V or 28.0 V
LV voltage range 10…15.5 V or 20…31 V
Nominal power (buck) 3…4 kW
LV peak current (buck) 171 A (4.8 kW @28 V) or 300 A (4.2 kW @14 V)
LV max./cont. current (boost) 50 A (28 V) or 100 A (14 V)
Efficiency weighted >92 %
IP protection IP6K9K, IP6K7
Device control CAN 2.0
Cooling system Water cooling
Weight From 3 to 4 kg


With BSC7, BRUSA continues addressing the needs from its customers in the best possible way by offering on the market one of the most polyvalent HV to LV DC/DC conversion solution ever developed.

The galvanically isolated device focuses on increased environmental capabilities and operation lifetime to address a wide spectrum of applications: cars, light-, medium- or heavy-duty trucks, the BSC7 reaches a unique versatility. The regular buck operations with outstanding performance are provided along with great additional features like active discharge or bidirectionality, which enables support of additional applications like DC Link pre-charge or HV-Battery emergency charging via jump start cable.


  • Extremely compact and lightweight construction
  • Peak current for short increased LV load
  • Bidirectionality for boost capabilities (e.g. DC Link pre-charge)
  • Galvanic isolation between HV and LV sides
  • Active discharge using buck conversion & MOSFETs switching losses
  • Functional Safety functions acc. ISO-26262
  • Cybersecurity acc. ISO-21434