BDC668: 600A, 800V

Technical specifications

Voltage range for full performance highside 450-850 V
Voltage range for full performance lowside 0-520 V
Maximum current lowside 600 A
Voltage range control circuit 9-36 V
Continuous power 250 kW
Efficiency >99%
IP protection IP6K6, IP6K9K
Control CAN
Cooling system Water cooling
Weight (without cooling water) 29 kg


The DC/DC converter BDC668 is an non-isolated bidirectional boost converter for fuel cell applications and is predominantly for use in the automotive industry. It connects energy systems with different HV supply levels. The DC/DC converter BDC668 is able to raise the supply level of an input fuel cell voltage to that of an 800 V drive system. It meets the current standards for electrically powered vehicles and functional safety. Moreover, the utilization of zero voltage switching technology guarantees high efficiency, which significantly simplifies the thermal management of the system.


The DC/DC converter BDC668 fulfils the following functions:

  • Zero voltage switching for unmatched efficiency (up to 99%)
  • Nominal low side current 600A
  • Low current ripple, optimal for fuel cell applications
  • Wide input voltage range allows active discharge of the fuel cell
  • Design based on EV standards

The DC/DC converter BDC668 is designed for operation and energy transfers within a wide range and meets the latest automotive standards. It also offers bidirectionality but with an enhanced power envelope up to a continuous current of 600A. With its very efficient zero voltage switching technology it offers a high efficiency up to 99%. Build upon the basis of automotive standards it is available fully certified to enter the market.