BDC546: 400 A, 150-750 V

Technical specifications

Voltage range for full performance highside 150-750 V
Voltage range for full performance lowside 50-600 V
Maximum current lowside +/- 400 A
Continuous current Lowside +/- 300 A
Voltage range control circuit 9-16 V
Continuous power (@ ULS = 600 V) 180 kW
Efficiency 98,9 %
IP protection IP6K6, IP6K7
Control CAN
Cooling system Water cooling
Weight (without cooling water) 25.2 kg


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The BDC546 was primarily designed for fuel cell applications, in which it acts as a link between fuel cell, HV battery and drive. Due to the large voltage range, the BDC546 is primarily suitable for use in high-performance drives such as fuel cell buses. The BDC546 can also be used in test bench applications or in combination with stationary transformers with integrated rectification as a powerful DC fast charger. In general, the BDC546 can be used wherever very high outputs have to be transferred between different voltage levels. The high-side voltage or the voltage on the fuel cell side can be controlled by means of the DC / DC converter and the inertia of the fuel cell system can be compensated for. Thanks to the bidirectionality, supply units of the fuel cell can be controlled in a targeted manner. The system is extremely flexible so that other control functions can also be implemented if the customer so wishes.

The BDC546 is located in B-sample status.


  • Very high efficiency (up to 99%)
  • Enormous power density (12 kW / l)
  • Patented liquid pin © -Cooling system for optimal temperature behavior and best performance
  • Fully automotive compliant
  • Adjustable controls allow use in a wide variety of applications

The BDC546 is a bidirectional DC / DC converter with a common minus for high side and low side. This DC / DC converter is with the resonant switching topology SoftSwing ® realized so that practically no switching losses are generated and, in addition, the gentle commutation massively improves the EMC behavior.