On course for growth

BRUSA has embarked on a new chapter in the company’s history in the Swiss town of Buchs. More than 200 employees from 22 nations are continuing to drive forward what began as a pioneering e-mobility company in Sennwald in 1985. Today, renowned international automotive industry players rely on the Swiss company and its long track record for reliability and passion. A glimpse behind the scenes of a “hidden champion” that is on course for growth.

Buchs SG - 03.05.2022

BRUSA’s headquarters in Buchs SG

As the evening draws in, a legendary red logo is illuminated at Langäulistrasse 60. The technology pioneer BRUSA completed the move of its headquarters from Sennwald to Buchs at the beginning of this year. The building cost around 20 million CHF and is a flagship project. The developer and owner of the building, Lippuner, the architectural firm atm3, the anchor tenant BRUSA HyPower and their architect Hans Heeb all worked in concert.

Energy efficiency and resource conservation

Designed and built as a low-energy building in accordance with the strict Swiss Minergie-P standard, state-of-the-art design and sustainability go hand in hand. The building is characterised by wood and glass and offers a total volume of 54,000 cubic metres. During the daytime, 800 windows create an open atmosphere. The façade, roof and carports are equipped with more than 1,400 photovoltaic modules with a maximum output of 450 kW, supplying surplus electricity to the local electricity supplier during peak periods. 73 of the 161 parking spaces offer charging stations for electric vehicles.

Josef Brusa, the founder of BRUSA and member of the Board of Directors, says: “With the expansion of our company headquarters in Switzerland, we made a conscious decision to remain in the region. We focus on cooperating with research institutes and companies that actively offer vocational training, and have established an extensive network of partners.” He is thoroughly impressed by the new building: “It reflects our DNA: the efficient and intelligent use of state-of-the-art technologies and the highest possible level of self-sufficiency thanks to electricity generated in-house. BRUSA has always been synonymous with the responsible, sustainable use of resources. I am personally fully convinced of the long-term benefits for the environment and society of the products we develop and produce. Now it is a question of working together to take the next steps towards a zero-emission society. Because we ought only to use resources and not consume them.”

Boost in demand for special components

BRUSA specialises in the development and production of power electronics components such as on-board chargers or DC/DC converters in a range of power ratings and is active exclusively in the civil sector. Over the past few years, the societal shift towards zero-emission mobility has created a surge in demand from vehicle manufacturers, and the boom remains strong. “The spin-off of BRUSA HyPower to create an independent company in 2021 was a logical step in line with our strategy,” says CEO Holger Fink, who has an intimate understanding of the market. The course is set for growth, with high market shares and an excellent reputation in the industry.

Sights set on series production

Achieving constant close proximity to customers only works with a highly flexible and committed team. Holger Fink says: “Our customers place their trust in excellent technical solutions. We are highly specialised, innovative, and work in close partnership with our customers. BRUSA has offices in Switzerland (Buchs SG, Sennwald), Germany (Munich, Stuttgart) and China (Shenzhen), and currently has a staff of around 300. “Our Chinese BRUSA HyPower subsidiary with a team of around 25 are of strategic importance. There, we are establishing and developing highly specific production lines for our future series production operations.” Extensive engineering, testing and production expertise from Switzerland has played a key role in this process. “We count on people who actively support our international growth objectives.”

Attractive workplace

There are currently more than 70 open positions at BRUSA, the majority of which are in Switzerland. Most of the job opportunities lie in the fields of specialised hardware and software engineering. Currently, 220 employees from 22 nations consider themselves at home in Buchs. The four-story building can accommodate up to 400 workspaces, including laboratories. The management is convinced that the remaining space will soon be filled. www.brusahypower.com