On course for a world record

Off-highway at its best. Three Swiss friends and thinkers, one individual expedition truck and an ambitious goal: Peak Evolution wants to reach the top of the 6893 meters high volcano Ojos del Salado in Chile to set a new world altitude record for vehicles. Completely solar powered. Equipped with BRUSA HyPower energy converters.

Buchs SG - 31.08.2022

A strong team. ©Peak Evolution

The individually designed electrically powered vehicle TERREN was presented end of August in Altenrhein/Switzerland, after three years of engineering and intensive testing. BRUSA HyPower supports this unique road trip with three highly efficient energy converters BSC614.

For a mobile world consuming less resources

BRUSA HyPower engineer and team member David Koller says: “I bring all my passion for sustainable mobility into this project, as a technician and as a private person. A unique opportunity. Together we want to set a symbolic signal for a mobile world consuming less resources. Technical innovations and a strong team spirit will be our ideal co-drivers to reach the top.”

David Pröschel, David Koller and Patrik Koller will start their adventurous journey in October from Switzerland and plan to reach their goal Ojos del Salado, the highest active volcano on earth as well as the highest peak in Chile, in January 2023.

About Peak Evolution

About BRUSA HyPower

BRUSA HyPower AG, headquartered in Buchs (Swiss canton of St. Gallen) was founded in 2021 as a spin-off from BRUSA Elektronik AG, a leading supplier of power electronics for e-mobility since 1985. BRUSA HyPower is specialised in electrical energy conversion components such as DC/DC (direct current) converters and on-board charging systems. The company provides international customers with power electronic products for on-highway, off-highway and stationary applications and employs 220 people, mainly in Switzerland.

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Additional information: www.brusahypower.com, News – BRUSA HyPower


  • Visualisation of the goal: the TERREN truck in Chile. © Peak Evolution
  • The team (f.l.): David Pröschel, David Koller (BRUSA HyPower), Patrik Koller and their TERREN. Photo: Peak Evolution.
  • Engineer David Koller (BRUSA HyPower) showing the light, efficient BSC614. Photos: Peak Evolution

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Media Relations

Sabine Labonte
Head of Investor Relations & Communications
T: +41 81 758 19 00