"More power from less energy": successful project cooperation with ETH Zurich

BRUSA HyPower develops chargers for electromobility applications with high efficiency, long service life and flexible application options. As part of the European Union-funded "Power2Power" project, ETH Zurich and BRUSA HyPower have collaborated to achieve a common goal: to develop a prototype for a cost-effective, more efficient charger for electric vehicles.

Buchs SG - 06.12.2022, 08:00

Technology at the cutting edge

Systems engineer Lukas Riegler, who accompanied and ultimately managed the project on behalf of BRUSA, says: "Developing new technologies, as was possible in this cooperation with ETH Zurich, is often not possible for us alongside our day-to-day business. Here, we made optimal use of the opportunity to investigate and test new approaches." In addition to the prototype, a test board was provided to ETH for the investigation of IGBT semiconductors. "For this project, we would like to continue the collaboration in terms of new technologies," says Riegler. A concrete follow-up project to Power2Power is not yet planned, but they want to maintain contact, he adds.

Close cooperation with research

BRUSA traditionally maintains close cooperation with renowned research institutions such as ETH Zurich. The Power2Power project collaboration was mutually beneficial. "Together with ETH, we were able to participate in a research project focusing on the next generation of power electronics and power electronics components," explains BRUSA HyPower Vice President Dr. Bernhard Budaker. In the area of research and development, he says, networking should become even closer in the future. In this way, BRUSA as a company can benefit from new technologies and research approaches from ETH. For ETH, on the other hand, it was gratifying to see how the results of its research are being put into practice in the development of onboard chargers at BRUSA.

BRUSA HyPower already employs highly qualified engineers from ETH. The company, which is on a growth course, wants to inspire more graduates as future BRUSA colleagues.


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