BRUSA looks back on a 39-year company history. The past few years have been shaped by trend-setting ideas in the field of electric mobility.


BRUSA HyPower AG founding

BRUSA HyPower AG was formed as a spin-off of the electric vehicle pioneer BRUSA Elektronik AG The company is focused on the Development and Manufacturing of Power Electronics components such as On-board Chargers and DC/DC Converters in different power levels.


35 years of BRUSA Elektronik AG

BRUSA Elektronik AG celebrates its 35th company anniversary.


Opening of BRUSA Elektronik (Munich) GmbH

Brusa Elektronik AG opens another location in Munich (inductive charging division).


BRUSA Power Electronics

Development of HV booster technology For the new Porsche Taycan.


BRUSA development

Inductive charging - Start of series production for BMW.


Development of Fuel Cell Application

Series development of an inverter for electric air compressors in fuel cell applications.


30 years of BRUSA Elektronik AG

BRUSA Elektronik AG looks back on 30 years of company history. The past few years have been shaped by trend-setting ideas in the field of electric mobility.


Development start of contactless charging

BRUSA Elektronik AG is one of the first to start developing a system for contactless charging on behalf of two well-known European automobile manufacturers.


Series development of the first quick charger

The BRUSA fast charger NLG6 is the world's first charger that can be operated on three-phase current connections and at the same time can be installed directly in the electric car without any problems. With a charging power of 22 kW, the charging speed is depending on the vehicle> 100 km / h.


Company building in Sennwald completed

The company building is now completed. BRUSA Elektronik AG now has an extensive infrastructure for the development of power electronics, environmental tests and numerous drive test benches up to an output of 1000 kW. The production is designed for quantities of up to ten thousand units per year.


Conversion into a stock corporation

The sole proprietorship BRUSA Elektronik is converted into the stock corporation BRUSA Elektronik AG. The primary goal is greater flexibility in terms of employee participation. The company moves to the greatly enlarged location in Sennwald.

BRUSA Elektronik AG acquires the ISO9001 quality certificate.


Development of 60 kW DC / DC converter

BRUSA Elektronik develops a 60 kW DC / DC converter. This is mainly used in vehicles with fuel cells.

1992 - 1995

Development of new products

Among other things, BRUSA Elektronik is developing a highly efficient charger with a microprocessor. The three-phase drive gets more power (up to 34 kW at 180 VDC) and is now also controlled by a microprocessor.


Arno Mathoy strengthens BRUSA Elektronik

Arno Mathoy, Dipl. Ing. TUG, strengthens the BRUSA team and develops, among other things, a highly efficient maximum power tracker with 99 percent efficiency.


Axel Krause strengthens BRUSA Elektronik

Axel Krause leaves Landis & Gyr to work at BRUSA Elektronik. A three-phase drive with high efficiency and high power is developed. The first three-phase drives from BRUSA have a peak power of 12 kW at 120 V.


Year of foundation of BRUSA Elektronik

Today's electric vehicle scene has its origins in the Tour de Sol, which was first conceived in 1985 as a promotional tour for thermal solar energy use. BRUSA Elektronik emerged from this. BRUSA aims to develop components for solar and electric vehicles and solar energy systems.


Preparation of the company foundation by Josef Brusa

Josef Brusa, already thought about his future work during his studies. The most important motivation: it should not only be interesting but also meaningful. Shortly after the first major oil crisis, it made sense to look for this meaningfulness in the energy sector. Josef Brusa came into contact with the new solar vehicle scene. He started developing electronic circuits for these people.