BRUSA offers one varied and practice-oriented training and prepares the learners optimally for their later professional life.

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The training in electronics gives you a comprehensive insight into our company - from research to the manufacture of our highly innovative products. You are jointly responsible for the development of schemes and circuit boards and take on tasks in the field of measurement and testing technology. When it comes to the commissioning and maintenance of electronic products, your skills are required. You will also have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of software development together with our experts. Do you like to work with the latest technology and do you like challenging tasks? Abstract thinking is one of your strengths and soldering is not a foreign word for you? Then this lesson is just right for you.


The work as a computer scientist, specializing in platform development, is varied and complex. You make sure that the IT infrastructure works smoothly and is protected from hackers. You plan computers, printers and machines in the network, connect these clients to the Internet and connect them to various services. You accompany ICT projects, work in user support and are also at home in the virtual world. The installation and configuration of operating systems, application programs and networks is part of your daily work. In small businesses, computer systems can consist of a few devices. In large companies, however, such systems are networked around the world and consist of several thousand devices. The associated activities can also be correspondingly demanding. With the Education Ordinance 2021, the computer scientist will replace the system technology subject with the new platform development subject.


As a design engineer you can live out your technical talent and creativity and help design our highly innovative products. Through a practice-oriented training, you will develop into a specialist in the creation of mechanical drafts and modeling of CAD models. In the development and construction of mechanical components, your arithmetic skills and your spatial imagination are required. In your day-to-day work, you will also deal with conceptual studies and documentation. The data maintenance in our IT program and the filing of documents are also part of your tasks. Do you work precisely, concentrate and like to tinker around until you have found a solution? Do you enjoy working on the computer and have you always been keenly interested in technical issues? Then there is the apprenticeship as a designer: your perfect introduction to the exciting world of electromobility.


As a logistician you act as a hub for all goods and as an organizer for a smooth flow of materials. You actively support incoming and outgoing goods inspections and get to know the cross-departmental processes in detail. Together with the team, you can take responsibility for shipping our highly innovative products and take care of warehouse management in our IT program for controlling business processes. Working in day-to-day business guarantees variety in both theory and practice. Do you think ahead, work carefully and are a committed team player? Then this training is made for you.



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This is what our learners say

“I chose BRUSA because I would like to learn more about future electronics. Here I can work independently on my own projects and put my school knowledge into practice. In addition, as an apprentice, you are often involved in work in which you can support the company with customer orders. "

Dario Sutter

Trainee electronics technician
“BRUSA was my first choice when choosing a career because I am particularly interested in electromobility. Working together in the design team is very exciting and instructive, and when I talk to other employees, my knowledge is constantly expanded. It is also very exciting to understand and understand the sometimes complex, technical relationships. "

Alisa Kulici

Trainee design engineer

Zachary Lototzky

Trainee electronics technician
“When choosing an apprenticeship company for my apprenticeship, I chose BRUSA because it works in the automotive industry and takes great care of the environment. Since the beginning, I especially like the possibility of realizing my own projects. "

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Our team of trainers

Thomas Frei

Training coordinator and specialist trainer electronics technician

Training takes time, patience and passion. Supporting and encouraging learners in their training and getting them excited about new things motivates me every day and makes me proud.

"If you love what you do, you will never work in your life again" Confucius

Nino Kamber

Logistics specialist trainer

Training means showing the younger generation how exciting and exciting logistics can be. For me, learners are an investment in the future - learners today, skilled workers tomorrow.

David Boesch

Technical trainer design engineer

«The human problem is not to set high goals and fail,
but to set goals that are too low and to be successful. " -Michelangelo

In this sense, I see my work as accompaniment: to give support in order to formulate goals and to follow a feasible path. And that is only possible with joy, a spirit of research and compassion. For me that means: We are a team.

Lukas Reimann

IT specialist trainer

An apprenticeship is particularly successful if, at the end of their apprenticeship, the learners share the joy of their job and their interest in the subject with the same enthusiasm as the trainer. At BRUSA we have the opportunity to convey these experiences in an absolutely modern and innovative IT environment.


We are looking forward to your application!